Turkey’s Invasion Of Northern Syria — News Updates October 12 – 13

Daily Mail: Turkish troops ‘seize key Syrian town’ displacing 200,000 people as more than 100 Kurdish YPG fighters and civilians are killed

* Turkey-backed Syrian opposition forces were said to have seized Ras al-Ain town
* The death toll rose to 74 Syrian Kurdish-led fighters and 30 civilians on Saturday
* Intense gunfire heard within Ras al-Ain as Turkey stepped up its bombardment
* Syrian Kurdish-led administration said 200,000 people have been displaced

Some 200,000 people have been displaced in a military assault in northern Syria as Turkish forces claimed on Saturday they have seized control of a key border town.

Turkey-backed Syrian troops were said to have taken over Ras al-Ain this morning as Turkey’s offensive against a Kurdish militia in the region entered its fourth day.

‘The [Syrian rebel] national army took control of the town centre this morning. Inspections are being conducted in residential areas,’ a senior Turkish official said.

Kurdish authorities have, however, denied this is the case. ‘Ras al-Ain is still resisting and clashes are ongoing,’ the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces said.


Turkey’s Invasion Of Northern Syria — News Updates October 12 – 13

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