Is President Trump Now Regretting His Trade War With China?

NBC: After Trump suggests ‘second thoughts,’ White House says he regrets not escalating China trade war further

While Trump sought to play up unity between the leaders at the G-7 summit, some cracks emerged Sunday.

BIARRITZ, France — President Donald Trump appeared to strike a softer tone after landing here this weekend, hailing the “really great” summit with world leaders and appearing to admit regrets about his latest round of tariffs on Chinese goods.

But the White House quickly pushed back on any suggestion that Trump’s resolve for a trade war was fading.

Speaking to reporters during a breakfast meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Trump was asked if he had had second thoughts on Friday’s escalation with China.

“Yeah, sure. Why not?” he responded. Asked again, he said: “Might as well. Might as well.”


Update #1: White House reverses Trump on China ‘second thoughts’ (AP)
Update #2: Trump regrets not raising tariffs on China higher, White House says (Reuters)

WNU Editor: President Trump’s view on the trade war and using tariffs as a weapon to get a trade deal have been consistent since day one of his Presidency. If he has second thoughts, it is more on is strategy to get to his goal.

Source : War News Updates

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