French President Macron Surprises Everyone By Inviting Iran’s Foreign Minister To The G7 Summit

CNN: Macron sparks confusion after inviting Iran’s foreign minister to G7 summit

When Iran’s Foreign Minister, Javad Zarif, landed in Biarritz Sunday afternoon it appeared France’s Emmanuel Macron, this year’s G7 host, had pulled off an end run around his most powerful guest, US President Donald Trump.

For weeks Macron has been pushing Trump to soften his stance on Iran, and Trump has pushed back, last month tweeting: “I know Emmanuel means well, as do all others, but nobody speaks for the United States but the United States itself.”

In May last year Trump unilaterally pulled the USA out of the multilateral Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action nuclear deal with Iran, and this year ratcheted up sanctions on the Middle East nation to create “maximum pressure” to have it dial back its “destabilizing” regional activities.


WNU Editor: The French President initially said there is a “G7 mandate on Iran”, but is now backtracking these remarks …. Macron backtracks on ‘G7 mandate for Iran’ after Trump denial (France 24). More here …. France’s Macron says no formal mandate from G7 on Iran (Reuters). From stating that Brazil’s trade deal with the EU was at risk over fires in the Amazon, and now this Iran play, French President Macron is pursuing initiatives that does not have the support of the other G7 members.

WNU Editor: The Americans are not the only ones who are unhappy on how French President Macron is handling this summit …. Trump’s aides are reportedly seething over the French president’s handling of the G7 summit (Business Insider).

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