Stephen Colbert Schools Trump On The Definition Of A Retweet – Deadline

Stephen Colbert called out President Trump tonight for continuing to spread conspiracy theories on Twitter, then feigning innocence.

After branding the president “conspiracist in chief,” The Late Show host played a clip of an impromptu news conference Trump had today outside Marine One in Morristown, New Jersey.

“Trump was asked about Jeffrey Epstein and he defended a conspiracy theory about the Clintons killing Epstein that the president himself retweeted, which was originally posted by comedian Terrence K. Williams,” Colbert explained.

After pointing out that Williams is “a big Trump fan,” the president tried to distance himself from the comedian’s tweet, even though he retweeted it to his 63 million followers.

“That was a retweet. That wasn’t from me. That was from him,” Trump told reporters.

Colbert wasn’t buying Trump’s explanation. He proceeded to offer a definition of a retweet, adding that retweets do equal endorsements.

“First of all, it was from you. A retweet is from you! That’s how it works,” he quipped.

The CBS late-night host then mocked Trump for continuing to spread conspiracy theories about prominent Democrats and Epstein’s private island.

“Did Bill Clinton go to that island? Did Hillary hide her emails on that Island? Could that be the island where Barack Obama was really born?” Colbert pondered in his best Trump voice. “I’m not saying that all three of them killed Jeffrey Epstein. I’m just saying, did all three of them kill Jeffrey Epstein?”

Source : Google News

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